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About Us

Broadlanders Art Club .. the beginning .. a potted history.


Chris Jones, back in 2000, had rekindled his hobby of painting to aid a healing process, having lost the sight of one eye. Gradually his perception of depth & distance began to improve & he joined Bradwell Art Club & then a group being run by Penny Bancroft that came under the wing of U3A.


It was whilst attending the latter that Chris met up with Philip Harvey who had been recruited to tutor a class on portraiture & figure drawing. In conversation with Philip it was obvious that there was a large void in the area at that time regarding availability of art groups to join, also the predicament of a lack of facilities to occupy.

At this time Val Murray, (a now long standing member), stated that she knew of a venue, with this in mind, Chris asked Philip if he would be prepared to become a permanent in-house tutor, Philip agreed & the seeds were set.


Chris prepared a constitution, arranged a meeting of 16 interested parties & with their blessing opened an account in the agreed name of 'The Broadlanders Art Club'.


The first meeting was held on 21st March 2001. We very quickly built up our members to a maximum & quickly established a waiting list. We have maintained a healthy membership list to this day whilst constantly reviewing & intergrating new members as space arises.


From the outset, we established a program of workshops, periodic crits, painting days out & members exhibitions now totalling 3 per year.



Our very own In-house Artist: PHILIP HARVEY


Philip's artistic career spans several decades of professional & personal artistic endeavour, from his time with Gt Yarmouth's celebrated Art College onto over 25 years of commission work & first hand portraiture experience.


Armed with these skills Philip has embarked on a path of teaching, currently working with Norfolk Adult Education, freelance teaching & lecturing plus demonstration engagements throughout Norfolk & Suffolk, he spreads his talent & enthusiasm for art broadly.


Philip's knowledge & methodology has helped dozens of aspiring artists of all levels, to grow & improve.


Throughout his career he has never been afraid to experiment, pushing his boundaries & enhancing his techniques, however, he has never lost the belief that all art has to be developed upon sound technical skills.


Philip has published his own book, "Portraiture made easy" which has sold well & he has been commissioned by local businesses & individuals for extensive pictorial & mural works, as well as personal portraits.


Philip is available to book for talks, demonstration & lessons for groups or individual & can be contacted by phone on: 01493 851633 ... alternatively write to Philip at 22 Dene Side, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 3AX.


Phil Harvey

Resident Artist